Skype, Hootsuite and Notify Me

It’s been a little bit since we had one of these rad update blogs. So, here it is. This one will be extra special too. Not only are we announcing some new features, we’re also announcing some really cool application integrations that have just hit the circuit.

First off, let me go into what’s new at We’ve taken two of the most requested features wanted by you guys and made them happen. Not saying that this will be all. This is just the tip of the up and coming iceberg monster of features we will be pouring out in the coming weeks. This is merely a sample of awesome!

First, we’ve ramped up our SMS services to now support posting SMS messages from inside of Europe. That’s right, all you pingers from across the pond can now use an international number to ping your pingy goodness! We’re sorry it took so long to get this rolling. We had to spend a lot of time researching the best way to make this happen. Luckily @DanLane came to the rescue and provided us an awesome solution for taking care of you guys. So, be sure to give him a tip and a follow for being so resourceful and technologically advanced. Hats off to you!

Second, we’ve created a Skype posting bot. Now, in addition to our army of other bots, you can add Skype to that list. Cool, huh?

Now that we’ve gone over what’s new with us, let’s talk about what’s new with some other guys we’ve been working with.

Everyone, meet and HootSuite. These are some of the awesome new integrations we have on our developer API.

Why should you care? This is why!