Seesmic Is Believing

The rumors are true! We have been acquired by Seesmic! If you aren’t familiar with Seesmic, they are the guys who have created an ensemble of fantastic Twitter apps.

So what does this all mean? Well, a lot! Maybe too much for a single blog. You can definitely expect to see full integration of our services into all Seesmic clients within a few weeks. These clients include Seesmic Desktop (Adobe Air for Windows, OSX and Linux), Web, Android, Blackberry and the brand spankin’ new Seesmic for Windows! We will be also improving the core service to provide more requested features and more ridiculous, infinite awesome that you all have been asking for. We are looking forward to joining the Seesmic team in this grand cohesive effort to bring you some real-deal, cutting edge applications.

Never fear! This move in’s history is good for everyone. Our service is only going to get better. Joining Seesmic will grant us access to more resources for development and improvement as well as access to a kick-butt customer service team. And, for those of you developing on our API, you should also not worry. We will continue to support and update our API (that has over 100 active apps in production), and there will soon be a plugin architecture for Seesmic Windows and Seesmic Web. So you code smashers will have even more stuff to create!

We are very excited by this announcement, and we hope you are too. We want to give a ton of thanks to everyone involved with the project; including, but absolutely not limited to our investors Joi Ito (@joi), Reid Hoffman (@quixotic) and Mohamed Nanabhay (@mohamed). Additional hats off to Joseph Holst (@jyoseph), Murcom, Frank Boyer and Scott Phillips at Isocentric Networks, Sean Griffin (@seankgriffin) at the Tulsa Collaboratorium, Ryan Merket (@merket) for being such a sly dog, the PDG+creative crew (especially Jared), Ivan Stegic (@ten7), Adam Marshall (@adamkmarshall), Ryan Courtade (@rcourtade) with Evolution Studios, Phillip Roberts (@phillipbroberts), Aaron Babb, all of our vendors and partners, friends and family and most of all, our loyal users. Without you guys, this would have gone nowhere.