ODBC DataSource 

Have you ever heard or never connect between the Open Database Connectivity or ODBC is often called? in this article, I want to share a little knowledge of ODBC and how to connect ODBC on windows and the program code.

ODBC is In computing, Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) provides a standard software API method for using database management systems (DBMS). The designers of ODBC aimed to make it independent of programming languages, database systems, and operating systems.

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(ODBC DataSource)

● Open the Control Panel
● Sign in to menu DataSource (ODBC)
● Click the Add button
● Select Driver
● Give DataSource Name
● Select Database
● Click OK

Connection to ODBC

● Create Database
● Configuring an ODBC Data Source
● Call with JDBCODBC Driver

Code Connector ODBC

● ODBC Driver Installation
– Class.forName ( “sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver”);
● Create a Connection String
– String cs = “jdbc: odbc: namadatasource”; v ● Create a connection to the database
& ndash ; Connection cn = DriverManager.getConnection (cs); v ● Create a query
– String q = “SELECT * FROM Customer”;
– Statement stm = cn.createStatement ();
● Execution
– ResultSet rs = stm.executeQuery (q);

Coding Program ODBCDemo.java

import java.sql.*;
public class ODBCDemo
public static void main(String[] args)
try {
String cs = “jdbc:odbc:shop”;
Connection cn = DriverManager.getConnection(cs);
String qry = “SELECT * FROM Customer”;
Statement stm = cn.createStatement();
ResultSet rs = stm.executeQuery(qry);v while(rs.next()) {
System.out.println(“Nama : ”+rs.getString(“Name”));
System.out.println(“Email : ”+rs.getString(“Email”));
System.out.println(“Alamat : ”+rs.getString(“Address”));
} catch (Exception err) {err.printStackTrace();}